About Horizon Keystone Financial

    Since 1994, Horizon Keystone Financial has partnered with manufacturers and dealers to offer affordable financial solutions.  Affordability plans a big part in your customer’s decision to purchase your product and services.  Our programs are geared to provide companies like yours with a competitive advantage by promoting your name and products, and thus increasing sales.

    Horizon Keystone’s dedicated service team is available to work with your customers on a moments notice.  In the age of voice mail and cell phones, expecting a live person to help you should not be a commodity.  Unlike many banks, which may provide only 80% financing and only do secured lending, we finance 100% of the job, with only the equipment to secure us in most cases.  Our “Express Lease” enables most customers to apply up to $100,000, without any financial review, and decisions in usually less than 24 hours.  Most other lenders will only consider up to $50,000-$75,000 without reviewing financials.  This could hold up the decision process days, if not weeks, while this information is first gathered by the customer, and then reviewed by the lender.  In addition, we can customize many payment programs to fit your individual customer’s needs.  Some of our more popular programs allow the customer to pay only $99 for the first six months; below market financing such as 0% for the first year or 5.9% for the term of the contract, and seasonal payments help the customer justify the equipment purchase and become more comfortable with the purchase.

    Our customized quote/proposal system works to give each customer a solid financial solution.  If offered on each one of your proposals, this will win sales and give your customer alternative purchase options to cash.  Our personalized attention, and flexibility, will make Horizon Keystone Financial a business partner you can truly call a partner.  Our goal is to make offering a financial solution quick and easy.  The quicker you bring your customer to decision making, the easier it is to close the sale.

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We believe that some things are best discussed one-on-one. Please contact one of our Business Development Managers for additional details on the programs, quotes, training, marketing, incentives, or to learn more about the tax advantages and benefits of leasing for your customers. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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